I used to have a passion for drinking, wine was my tipple and I drank it to celebrate, to commiserate, because I had a great day, because I had a crap day, because it was Tuesday, because it was Friday and so the list went on.


Alcohol had become my raison d'être having started as a form of self medication from childhood trauma. 

 My life had become an emotional roller-coaster, the lower I felt the more I drank, the more weight I put on and the more anxious I became. 

I sabotaged anything good because I didn’t believe I deserved it.


And then it changed, one day I woke up feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  


I stopped drinking, laced up for the first time in years and reignited my passion for running.


My original goal was to feel healthy and happy on the inside, I surpassed that goal, and now I'm enrolled in University, training for my first ultramarathon and I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt as happy and comfortable in my own soul. 


When I stopped drinking I started living and this is my journey.